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Additional donations for the temple

In connection with large amounts of utility bills in the Church of St. Louis appeal to the parishioners with a request to participate in additional fundraising for the temple.
Additional donations will be organized in 28th Ordinary Sunday October 15.
Parishioners can also give a donation to individual priests or nuns on duty, marked: "for the temple".

October 22 at the Cathedral during Holy Mass at 10:00 under leadership of Archbishop Paolo Pezzi will be a renewal of the dedication of the guardians of the circles of the Pilgrim mother of God of all the Metropolitan parishes
On 21 October, at 17.00, in the building of the Curia, the meeting of families by Archbishop Paolo Pezzi. After the meeting will be held at 19.00 Holy Mass in the Cathedral
The feast of St. Luke the Evangelist
The memory of St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr
The memory of St. Jadwiga, a nun

A group of our parishioners is looking for VOLUNTEERS

A group of our parishioners is looking for VOLUNTEERS who have the opportunity at least once a month to bring living nearby an elderly parishioner to Church. Their desire to participate in this good deed, You can contact us at: psd1234@mail.ru or by phone +7 985 55 900 55

After Church will collect donations for the Church of St. Louis
The memory of St. Calixtus I, Pope and Martyr
The memory of Saint John XXIII, Pope
Please send nuns information on adolescents who are going to receive the sacrament of confirmation in 2018
Coming November 2 – the commemoration of all the faithful departed. To this day in the sacristy or ushers in the Church you can purchase the cards and write the names of the dead. Holy Mass for those departed will be celebrated on 2 November at 12.00
The memory of the blessed virgin Mary of the rosary; first Saturday of the month – honoring the Immaculate Heart of the blessed virgin Mary
The memory of St. Bruno Cartusiensis the priest; the first Friday of the month – adoration of the Blessed Heart of Jesus Christ
The memory of Saint Faustina Kowalska, virgin; the first Thursday of the month – the day of prayers for vocations to priesthood and monasticism
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